Özyeğin University Visited Our Company

As Birinci Automotive, we always prioritize the importance of R&D and innovation, and with this understanding, we place great emphasis on collaboration between industry and academia. In this context, the visit and evaluation meeting conducted by Prof. Dr. Güney Güven Yapıcı, the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Özyeğin University, to our company was a concrete example of this collaboration.

During the meeting, we thoroughly discussed projects that could be carried out within the framework of university-industry collaboration. With this visit, we aimed to combine academic knowledge and research with practical applications, contributing to our technological development and leading innovative solutions in our sector.

Additionally, as part of the KIMTAL project we are involved in, significant steps have been taken regarding the application areas of this project with the university's visit to our R&D center and factory. We thank Özyeğin University and Prof. Dr. Güven YAPICI for their visits. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of such collaborations in future projects and aim to strengthen our ties with the academic world for innovative breakthroughs in our sector.