Birinci provides superior quality hot forging parts and components for a wide range of industries including automotive, material handling, agriculture and others. Our parts in the automotive industry are in suspension, steering, chassis, brake, engine parts and powertrain systems.

Birinci's philosophy is to forge as efficiently as possible to leave less material to be machined. With an annual forging capacity of 30,000 tonnes, company is able to forge parts from 100 grams up to 20 kg per piece. Stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steels and other metal alloys are used to produce a wide variety of forged products. Controlled cooling, normalising, sand blasting are the post treatments made in house.

Birinci uses tailor-made robot gripper solutions to automate forging process.


  • 7 hammer lines (40 KJ-125KJ)
  • 13 mechanical forging presses (500-4000 tons)
  • 3 Screw presses (200-750 tons)
  • Hyraulic and mechanical coining presses (Eccentric and hydraulic presses)
  • Post forging operations such as controlled cooling and normalising
  • 5 Sandblasting Machine