Vision & Mission


To be the first company with our creative solutions.


To be a pioneer in the vehicle industry, that adds value to all business partners.

Our Values

Being Innovative

By researching innovations, to develop technologies and methods which will move the business and the company forward.


Respecting to people, environment and progressing with long-term solutions, not short-term.

Respect for Diversity

Respecting differences and believing in the power of diversity.

Customer Orientation

Being sensitive to the needs of internal and external customers, striving to exceed expectations.


Stand behind what you do, to be ethical and accountable.

Enthusiasm And Dynamism

Being excited about the work and being agile and dynamic to improve the work.

For over centuries symbolys have played an important part in human life. Each “i” in our name “Birinci” emphasizes an important charachteristic of our ecosystem; Inspiration, Innovation and Integrity.
With our value driven culture, We aim to “inspire” our team members, suppliers and even our competitors. Innovation is part of our Daily life, it is not something we seek but we live everyday. The key of our success is operational integrity. No organization can survive without the harmony of people, processes and assets.

Yakup Birinci - Chairman of the Board