Our Innovation Strategy

From its earliest days, Birinci has recognized the value of creative and original ideas. For the company, innovation is a corporate culture that is sustainable, measurable and manageable and that enables it to keep one step ahead of the competition. Hence, it strives continually to develop this culture in a systematic manner.

Birinci sees innovation as an integral part of its daily lives, something that affects all its business processes, independent of its job descriptions. Successful innovation, it believes, is the most creative solution to a consumer’s real need. By looking at life, its environment and its products through the eyes of consumers, it is able to take an innovative approach to every stage of the product development journey from conception to launch.

Innovation Workshops

Birinci organizes workshops under the name of "Meetinnovation" since 2017 to evaluate and implement the ideas and suggestions of company employees. In addition, these annual workshops aim to encourage each employee, alone or in a team, to develop innovative projects that contribute to strategic goals and business results.

The primary aims of Meetinnovation are to;

  • Establish an environment that encourages innovation in our companies,
  • Present successful examples of creative and innovative differentiation in products, processes and services,
  • Establish a foundation for innovative thinking at every stage of a project, from the initial idea through to tangible results,
  • Reward creative and innovative projects by individuals or teams that contribute to our strategic targets and business results.