Thanks to its ability to supply ready to fit final products, with the added value and efficiency created, Birinci, position itself closer to its customers by shortening the supply chain.

The added value created is constantly carried to a higher level by using reliable assembly process solutions with high technology.

Birinci also has the ability to procure the assembly sub-components required accordance with our customers unique expectations.


  • Servo Motor PLC Controlled Power Step Assembly Station
  • Servo Motor PLC Controlled Pitman Arm & Brackets Assembly Station
  • Servo Motor PLC Controlled Hydraulic Piston Assembly Station
  • Hidromechanical Shifter Mechanism Assembly Station
  • Hidromechanical Hinge Assembly Station
  • Hidromechanical Wheel Hub Assembly Station
  • Servo Press (20 tonnes)
  • 3 Hidromechanical Presses
  • Electroless Nickel Coating Line