Since its establishment, removing chip from steel has been the passion of Birinci. It’s machining capabilities cover various operations such turning, milling, drilling, grinding, thread and spline rolling, broaching, friction & robot welding. Birinci supplies not only finished components to its customers but also convenience and cost reduction.

Machining unit is based on the most advanced technologies and equipments. Fully automated machining line applications are widely in use to get higher production rates, increased productivity and consistent product quality.

Tight dimension tolerances and accurate surface finishes are realized in the machining facility for the various type of products used in different sectors.


• CNC Machining (33 Horizontal,16 Vertical)
• Rotary Transfer Machine 
• Turning (41 CNC Lathe)
• Grinding (7)
• Broaching (5)
• Thread and Spline Rolling
• Robotic MAG Welding
• Friction welding
• Ultrasonic Washing