Interview Processes Panel and Simulations Held in Collaboration with TOSB and İSO Foundation

Recently, in collaboration with the TOSB and İSO Foundation, we hosted the "Interview Processes Panel and Simulations" program, welcoming foundation scholars to our company for a factory visit.

We were delighted to offer young talents the opportunity to get to know our company closely and engage with them directly. We extend our gratitude to our HR team, who participated in the interview simulations, and to our HR director, who contributed as a panelist. These simulations provided participants with a realistic experience of the business world, offering valuable insights for their career journeys.

During the panel, we had the chance to share our HR strategies and industry innovations. It is crucial for young people to enhance their skills through such events, preparing them for the future business landscape. Events like these, especially geared towards students and recent graduates, foster strong connections between companies and educational institutions.

Such initiatives not only guide young people in their adaptation to the business world but also contribute to cultivating the skilled workforce needed in our industry.