Don't Discard, Contribute Campaign Continues Successfully in 2024

The "Don't Discard, Contribute" campaign, which was launched last year and has significantly raised public awareness, continues successfully in 2024. Thanks to the collaboration with TÜBİSAD and the dedicated efforts of the teams, 234 kg of electronic waste collected in the first quarter of the year were contributed to the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), supporting children's access to quality education.

Electronic waste, when properly managed, is an important resource that benefits both society and the environment. In this context, the "Don't Discard, Contribute" campaign aims to create a more sustainable environment by recycling such waste. It also contributes to education as an example of social responsibility.

This valuable initiative seeks support from all segments of society to promote a sustainable world and support children's education. Delivering accumulated electronic waste at homes to campaign organizers or similar organizations for recycling will help reduce environmental impacts and support quality education projects.

Remember, even a small step can make a big difference! Proper management and recycling of electronic waste is a significant investment in our future. With the participation of every individual, it is possible to achieve greater goals.