As the Birinci Family, We Came Together with Our Female Employees

As Birinci Automotive, we celebrated International Women's Day in a meaningful way, experiencing the significance of the day with an enjoyable organization. We spent this special day with all our female colleagues at the company, thereby making our day even more beautiful. With gifts made by women's handiwork, we aimed to make today even more special. On International Women's Day, we wanted to highlight the pursuit of awareness and equality in every aspect of being a woman, whether at work, at home, in school, or in traffic. We wanted to celebrate this journey beyond roles with the messages given by our women.

This special day was not only an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and struggles of women but also to share hopeful wishes that shed light on the continuous effort for gender equality and the reflections of being a woman in society. As the Birinci family, while celebrating today with our female colleagues, we once again emphasized the importance of gender equality and awareness. This celebration served as a means to draw attention to the challenges women face in society and to highlight the richness and opportunities that being a woman brings. In this way, we not only celebrated the successes of women but also supported the steps taken towards achieving gender equality in society.