Appiz Mobile App Now Available for Our Team Members

Appiz, a significant milestone in our digital transformation journey, has finally been launched to our team members. This mobile app, developed for our company, is now available for download and use on iOS and Android platforms. Appiz offers numerous benefits and innovations aimed at making our employees’ work processes more efficient and accessible.

Through Appiz, our employees can easily access profile information, asset details, suggestion statuses, leave information, training details, meal menus, and service schedules. Leave requests and approvals can be swiftly managed through this platform. Additionally, customer and supplier meeting records can be maintained, suggestion requests can be created, and real-time production quantities and other parameters on machines can be monitored. The ability to view part card information via Operation Charts also enhances the transparency and traceability of our work processes.

Upcoming features currently in development include warehouse stock information and stock movements, and rejection evaluation modules. These features will enable us to manage our logistics and quality control processes more effectively. Throughout the year, we plan to add other reports such as near-miss notifications, batch tracking, and sales reports. With these updates, Appiz will evolve into a mini ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, centralizing our work processes.

Moreover, the app includes a post feature that can be set to general or specific audiences, functioning as a sharing platform within the company. This feature allows our employees to easily share information and experiences, fostering collaboration.

Appiz aims to increase operational efficiency by enabling our employees to manage their work processes faster and more easily. This step in digital transformation will contribute to our company’s confident stride towards the future. We expect our employees to use this innovative application to manage their work processes more effectively and efficiently. With Appiz, we are taking a new step in our digitalization journey.