A Message from Psychologist Şeyda Nur Çelebi: Gratitude Reminder

Our industrial consultant, Şeyda Nur Çelebi, suggests setting an hourly alarm to remind us of the power of gratitude. This small yet effective step can help us recognize valuable moments that often get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The importance of gratitude is something we all understand. However, amidst the busy work schedules and daily stress, we tend to neglect this feeling. By following Psychologist Çelebi’s advice to set an hourly alarm, we can create an opportunity to remember the things we should be grateful for. This practice, taking just a few minutes, can provide positive energy throughout the day and help us notice the small joys in life.

From the first light of morning to the adorable gaze of our cat, from the value of good health to the comfort of a hot cup of coffee, recognizing these small pleasures creates a positive atmosphere. With this simple yet effective step, we can make our day more meaningful and happier by recalling what we are grateful for every hour.