‘’Birinci is Running’’ Team: Running For Children Affected by Earthquake

Our Birinci is Running team enthusiastically participated in the highly anticipated 45th Istanbul Eurasia Marathon, named the ‘’Race of the Century’’. Our team, running for the Spastic Children's Foundation of Turkey, experienced the pride of serving a great cause. This marathon was not just a race; it was also an opportunity to provide hope and support for earthquake-affected disabled children. Every step taken during the marathon aimed to contribute to a better future for these children. The dedication, team spirit, and solidarity of our colleagues who participated in the marathon, along with the support of those who contributed to the donation campaign, made this special day even more meaningful. We sincerely thank everyone who supported us and provided any kind of assistance during this significant run. This event was not just a marathon but also a powerful expression of social awareness and solidarity. As the Birinci is Running team, we will continue to run to raise awareness for earthquake-affected disabled children and improve their lives.